Portland Metro Open Cricket Club


PMOCC is a registered 501c3 Amateur Sports Club.  It was founded in 2002 to serve the growing cricket fraternity in an organized manner and is the first true softball cricket club in the State of Oregon.  The club organizes its tournaments under the banner of Portland Metro Open Cricket League (PMOCL). Softball cricket initially was started with just 2 teams, since then the league has grown up to as many as 20+ teams in 2015 & 2016 and still growing with increase in population and popularity of the sport in the State.


Our motto is to make our club the most Friendly, Affordable and Accommodating one in the long run.  Our club supports diversity, welcomes all cricket enthusiast from all sections of community.  Another goal of the club is to help cultivate interest in all youth and adult alike.

PMOCL tournaments typically start mid April and lasts until 1st week of October  depending on weather, field conditions and availability. 


PMOCC also conducts charity events for various causes (disaster relief, charity fundraisers). 

We are proudly affiliated with

THPRD (Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District)

PMOCC Code of Conduct


Click here for our code of Conduct the Organizing Committee



Phone: (971) 267-CRKT


Strikers          Panthers        Badshahs      Beaverton Blues   Bullets    

Chargers       Elementers    Ghillie            Ghillie-R                Hawks   

iTigers           Lanka Lions   Mt. Bulls        Mt. Bulls Elite        Old Monks United 
TGIC              The Sharks    Titans                    Vikings

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