Arun B

President & Co-Founder 

Arun B is a seasoned cricketer and has been playing the game for many years. If PMOCL boasts more than a decade presence in Portland, it is mainly due to Arun B’s farsightedness and dedication in making it possible. He has worked hard towards the promotion of the sport in the community of Portland-Beaverton area and has been involved in various community AID activities. He has also been very motivating to continuously improve access to the sport in the area and is PMOCC's liaison with THPRD.  


Arun is part of team I-Tigers in the league.

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Suresh N

Vice President & Co-Founder 

Suresh has also been playing competitive Cricket for a long time. He has constructively involved himself in the organizing and conducting of the Cricket season for a few years now. Apart from the organizing activities, he has encouraged many Cricket enthusiasts to participate in the league.  He works closely with Arun on THPRD related liaison activities.  He also collaborates with Dikshant on rules and scheduling for the league.

Suresh is part of team Ghillie in the league.

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Srinivasan R (Srini)

Secretary & Treasurer

Srini has been playing Competitive Cricket for almost 3 decades. He handles PR and Finances of the league since September 2012. Srini pursues various other sports among which, running 10K marathon for a cause is his utmost passion.   He supports Albertina Kerr, a NPO which helps disabled children and is involved with charity organization located in Bangalore, India.

Srini is part of team Chargers in the league.

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Dikshant P

Committee Member

Dikshant is a board member of Salem Cricket Club and an active community leader in the Salem area.  Out here, he is known as our scheduling maverick.  He works closely with Suresh on rules, rosters and NRR calculations.  He sucessfully moved our league's scoring to CricClubs single handed.

Dikshant is part of team Avengers in the league.

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