Find listed below important documentation and forms for participating teams.

  • Player Registration - Every player playing in PMOCC league is required to register with PMOCC.​ A player will be allowed to play only if they are registered.

  • Player Waiver Form - Liability Waiver Form that we need to get signed from each participant as a requirement for Insurance Purposes. It is very important that you get this form signed with any player you want to play in the league.


  • Rules & Code of Conduct - The Rules and Code of Conduct are just our addendum to the ICC Laws of Cricket as well the Common Sense approach to any community or sport event. Every captain must learn these rules and make sure their team is aware of and follows these rules.


  • Field Permits - Permits are given to us by the THPRD and other City offices to use fields for cricket.  Every Team must have at least one person carrying a copy of this or have access to the document on game days. The permit is very clear of the allowed days for our League games. For non playing days, the club will not take responsibility for anyone using fields or having difficulties to obtain the fields.  

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