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Team Onboarding Process for PMOCL

To participate in the PMOCL (Portland Metro Organized Cricket League), teams are required to complete the following registration process

Registration Process

Team Player/Member Registration

All players must register as club players/members using this link. This registration serves as both the club's roster for THPRD (Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District) and the league roster. It is crucial that the information provided during registration is accurate and matches the player's current residential address. THPRD verifies the in-district status based on this information, which helps the league in obtaining permits and better accommodation for cricket facilities.

Waiver Forms

Every player must sign the waiver form for the club's liability insurance. Even if players have previously completed this form, it is necessary to re-submit it to ensure the most updated backup for insurance purposes. The waiver form can be accessed through the this link.

CricClubs Team Roster

Prior to completing the CC team roster, teams must successfully complete the club player/member registration and waiver form processes. The team rosters and player profiles will be locked for smooth operation of the league. To upload a whole new team, teams can submit player details in an excel format to the stats gurus. Even if it is for one or two players, the first name, last name, and email ID of each player must be provided. This information will allow players to claim their profiles, upload pictures, and merge their profiles across the board. Picture profiles are mandatory for all players. The excel template for submitting player details can be found at the this link.

At no point will the PMOCL Committee or PMOCC Board attempt to sell, trade, exchange, or share collected data with any third party, including sponsors.

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